Tired of dried and brittle cuticle oil?

Tired of dried and brittle cuticle oil?

Our La Belle Cuticle oil Pen is one of the  best seller 

Benefit or What does cuticle oil do?

Nourishing and moisturizing cuticle oil

*Made with Organic natural ingredients



 These organic oils is beneficial for everyday use we constantly use our hands daily doing activities or household work by washing our hands, doing dishes etc.  Some of these things can dry out our cuticle area it is especially great if you just had a manicure or any other nail services.

Our oils are helps with this issues.


How to apply cuticle oil?

You  can apply cuticle oil after you’ve wash your hands. Also after you apply your press on nails. 
Be sure to massage oil to your cuticles. 

Apply daily for best results

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*Ingredients:, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil and jojoba oil, essential oil




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