Sizing Chart/Sizing Kit


Option 1 : Sizing Kit

Sizing kit are perfect for custom set orders. It removes the hassle of measuring your nails with measuring tape. And keeps the guessing out 

Select which Shape & Length you like to try:


Shape and Lengths available:

Short square

Medium Square

Medium Ballerina Coffin

Long Ballerina Coffin

Medium Stiletto

Long Stiletto 


When you receive the sizing kit, follow the instructions on the back of the card. When you purchase your 1st custom set include sizing information in note and take a picture of the card and email it to or DM us at @la_belle_collections_  

Note: Depending on the shape, the sizes will vary slightly.


Option 2: Measuring your nails

  1. Apply a piece of tape across the widest part of your nail
  2. Mark both edges and remove the tape.
  3. Measure the tape against a rule or tape measure to millimeters (count each line from the centimeter side of the ruler.

Remember to keep a note of your sizes from Thumb to Pinky.

Click here to how to measure your nails for press on nails.


Once your have your measurements ready, please match it up with our size chart below.


If the pre-set sizes doesn’t match. Your can choose “custom” and  put your sizes in millimeter in the notes when you check out.

**Important if you in between sizes, always measure up so that you can file the side of the nails.

We are not responsible if you order the wrong nail size.



I strongly recommend purchasing a sizing kit. Each kit comes with 10 blank nails in sizes 0-9. Try each size on your nails to your best fit.